The St. Martin Parish Sheriff's Office is currently accepting applications for a Correctional Officer within the Corrections Division. This position will be a full time position. The position is a shift position and you will be required to work 12 hour shifts (must be able to work day or night). Starting salary for this position pays $28,392.00 annually ($13.00 per hour).


The individual who holds this position will take first line responsibility for the care, custody, and control of the offenders housed in the Correctional Center, along with managing the duties of daily operations of the facility.


The most important and essential job duty of this position is attitude and includes the following: getting along with co-workers, being respectful to members of the community, making sure all employees under his/her command are working together as a team and functioning under pressure. Other duties and responsibilities may include but are not limited to:

  • Conducts pat searches and strip searches
  • Completes written reports, including, but not limited to, incident and disciplinary reports
  • Participates in secure and safe offender movements and activities
  • Conducts scheduled and random shakedown of the facility
  • Conducts safety and sanitation inspections
  • Conducts drug screenings, when needed.
  • Dispenses mail to offender population
  • Manages offender sign in/out log
  • Conducts evacuation drills, as necessary
  • Collects documentation for ACA proofs
  • Assists in meal service to offenders
  • Operates and manages offender housing, offender processing, or control room, as assigned
  • Responds to offender requests, concerns, and/or emergencies
  • Conducts headcount/roll call
  • Adheres to and enforces all departmental policies and accreditation standards
  • Enforces rules and regulations on the offender population and follows disciplinary guidelines
  • Supervises laundry exchange services

If you are considered for employment, you will be required to successfully complete all of the various, physical, psychological, drug tests/examinations required by the St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office. Benefits include the following: Member of the retirement system and vested in pension after 12 years of service; Holiday pay when applicable.

All interested applicants are asked to submit a completed application to Jamie Bernard-Human Resources Director. Incomplete applications will be rejected. Application Form can be downloaded here and attached to the application in-lieu of the resume or emailed to the Human Resources Director.