St. Martin Parish Sheriff's Office

Correctional Officer - St. Martin Parish Correctional Center

The most important and essential job duty of this position is attitude and includes the following: getting along with co-workers, being respectful to members of the community, making sure all employees under his/her command are working together as a team and functioning under pressure. Other duties and responsibilities may include but are not limited to:

  • Conducts pat searches and strip searches
  • Completes written reports, including, but not limited to, incident and disciplinary reports
  • Participates in secure and safe offender movements and activities
  • Conducts scheduled and random shakedown of the facility
  • Conducts safety and sanitation inspections
  • Conducts drug screenings, when needed.
  • Dispenses mail to offender population
  • Manages offender sign ion/out log
  • Conducts evacuation drills, as necessary
  • Collects documentation for ACA proofs
  • Assists in meal service to offenders
  • Operates and manages offender housing, offender processing, or control room, as assigned
  • Responds to offender requests, concerns, and/or emergencies
  • Conducts headcount/roll call
  • Adheres to and enforces all departmental policies and accreditation standards
  • Enforces rules and regulations on the offender population and follows disciplinary guidelines
  • Supervises laundry exchange services

Work Schedule: 12 hour shifts

Employee is required to work flexible hours when and if needed. In some circumstances employee may be subject to call-out 24 hours a day.